It’s amazing how a business can start from a little bit of mum guilt.

Pingu cake by yasmin

I4th February 2010. I was feeling so bad that my son was going to nursery for the whole day on his birthday while I worked. I decided to make him a cake to take with him so he could celebrate with his friends.

I’d never baked or made a cake myself in my life before let alone the Pingu shaped structure he requested.

From that day I started making cakes for family and friends as Pingu got so many compliments.

Then in May 2013 I had quit my full time job and Cakes By Yasmin was born.


Growing up, me and my siblings were so fortunate that our mother made us fabulous cakes.

We have such fond memories of arguing over who was going to lick the spatula!

Now I share the love of baking with my own children. As the saying goes ‘nothing says home like the smell of baking’

Cakes by yasmin and family


You can order a range of sweet treats online now, whether it’s a gift for that special someone or just some comfort food for one.

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